Tour Guide Policy


​Our guide services are offered free of charge. However, you are requested to pay the expenses for your guide listed below:

  1. Travel expenses (3,000 Yen / guide) to / from the place where the guide meets you from his / her residence.
  2. Admission fees to temples, shrines, museums, etc.
  3. Transportation charges while in service.
  4. Lunch (only when the tour covers lunch time).
  5. Other actual tour-related expenses, if any.


  1. Liability: neither Goodwill Guide Kyoto Clover nor the guides accompanying you are responsible for any injuries, or theft and / or damage to possessions that may occur during the services.
  2. Group size: we do not offer our guide services for tourist traveling alone.
  3. Guide / group ratio:
    1. One guide per group of 4 or less.
    2. Two guides for group of 5 to 8 participants.
    3. For groups of 9 or more, we will do our best to find a guide, but it may be difficult depending on the situation.
  4. Tour hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. subject to availability.
  5. Application & respond deadline:
    1. We will accept your application up to 3 months in advance. The deadline is 7 days before the desired date, in this case, automatic reply is sent to you, but your application is not valid.
    2. If the guide did not respond you 7 days before the desired date, please understand that the guide was not found.
  6. Exclusions:
    1. Night or overnight tours.
    2. Tours using private or rental cars / bikes.